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Welcome to Argum City!

This is a huge multiplayer game developed for 6 years, running on PC and Android. It is open ended, with many ways to develop, explore, compete and build. We wanted to create a game where every player can find fun and success.
This game was created by a Hungarian development team, Beholder. The first English world launches 1 year after the first Hungarian world launched, so we already have a lot of additional content and events by now. The game has a wiki database, currently under translation to English, but you can use google translate already to read it.
Beholder is in the game industry since 1992, started off with play-by-mail games, trading card games and online games. Our most well known international game is Doomlord. We keep developing our games continually, so you will never run out of content and goals. We also pay attention to player\'s suggestions and needs, so please don\'t hesitate to contact us!
If you didn\'t start on the very first day, don\'t worry, the game has mechanisms which help you catch up with the rest.

Besides the above wiki, you can find ingame help, in the forum of (?) marks on every panel. Good luck with the game!
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